About Us

our story

established in 2010, ideer is dedicated to creates digital accessories of best quality. the brand was founded with the vision of taking digital accessories to a new stage. instead of being accustomed to conformity, ideer strives to add a twist into our design to make it stand out. providing a fashionable way for users to safely carry their gear is what we always focus on.

our concept

our concept of design is to create functional products with thoughtful details and minimalist aesthetics. it is the insistence that we always have, gradually lead us from popularity to uniqueness. we want to give a new dimension to uniqueness through simple embellishment on our products. every design expresses uniqueness and the passion that goes into its creation.

our products

in addition to being trendy with a touch of uniqueness, our products also provide maximum equipment protection. we take every step seriously - from product design, selection of materials, production processes, quality inspection to packaging, functionality and fashion sense are meticulously infused into each process so that our products meet everyone's needs.